Handbags Briefcase & Luggage Repair

Handbags Briefcase & Luggage Repair

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While traveling, everyone can expect their luggage to be damaged somewhere along the line. Unfortunately, due to the way luggage are handled in an airport, even the most durable suitcases, for instance, can get damaged. You might want to locate a luggage service center, someone like us. Our customer service department consist of well trained service staff including a service manager with over 20 years of experience in repairing business.
If you have a perfectly good handbag, suitcase, garment bag, or briefcase stored away and cannot use it because it requires a minor repair? Rather than buying a new case it may make more sense to have it repaired quickly and efficiently. Wheels, handles, tears, re-stitching, locks, hasps, broken or missing hardware, dents we can repair almost anything.

Vinyl Tears

Vinyl can be repaired using a heat-cured liquid vinyl, a process known as a vinyl weld. The liquid vinyl dries clear, a matching grain is pressed into the weld, and matching vinyl-based paint is applied over the area to make tears virtually disappear.

Fabric Tears

Tears in tweed, polyester, nylon, and ballistic material cannot be repaired like new. It is generally necessary to patch fabric bags that tear; however, we generally strive to use decorative patches that appear to be an original part of the bag. Vinyl corner patches, ID patches, nylon web strips, and partial or complete panel replacements are some of the methods we employ to restore your bags to usable condition.

Zipper Problems

Many zipper problems look much worse than they actually are. Whenever possible, we repair zippers rather than replace them. Nylon zipper coil that has come unstitched from the tape can often be re-stitched, and sliders or zipper pulls can be replaced. When it is necessary to replace a zipper, we have the ability to do that as well, providing you with full service repair.

Corner Welting

The welting that wraps the wire frames in a soft side case occasionally rubs or tears, causing the wire to be exposed. We can wrap the corners with new tear-resistant rubber welting and straighten bent wire frames as necessary. The result is a bag restored to better than original condition.

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